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Jere Melo

Councilmember and former Fort Bragg Mayor Jere Melo

Along with a group of concerned citizens, Madeleine Melo has formed the Jere Melo Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

When Fort Bragg Councilmember and veteran forester Jere Melo was murdered on August 27th, 2011 the entire community of Fort Bragg, California was in shock. Melo was gunned down while investigating a report of a marijuana grow on private timberlands.

Madeleine, Jere’s widow, wants to put a stop to the violence and environmental damage caused by illegal marijuana grows. “Nobody else should be killed over marijuana,” said Madeleine, “we need to clean up our woods and that’s what Jere tried so hard to do.”

The foundation’s initial focus will be to create public awareness of what JMF Board Chairman Stephen Horner called a situation that has “reached a crisis level.”

On October 13th, JMF held it’s first meeting. At this meeting, the participants took important steps in forming the foundation including identifying the foundation name and mission statement.

A board of directors was appointed and represents various public sectors. The initial board members are:
John Andersen – Area Manager, Mendocino Redwood Company
Maribelle Anderson – Anderson Logging
Dan Catone – Owner, Financial Advisor, Redwood Investments
Stephen Horner – Forest Manager
Roy Kornmeyer – Real Property Appraiser, Mendocino County
Scott Mayberry – Fort Bragg Police Chief
Madeleine Melo – Retired Certified Nurse-Midwife
Lindy Peters – Sports Director and Radio Personality, KUNK
Paul Trouette – Mendocino County Fish and Game commissioner, President of Mendocino County Blacktail Association


  1. Laura Welter says:

    I am looking for participants at an event that Safe Passage is planning to host. The event will be both fun and informational on Saturday, May 19 from 10 – 1. “Safe Kids/Safe Families/Safe Communities at Safe Passage” will be a chance for informational tables/displays about car seats, water safety, fire alarms, moto cross safety, bike safety, skateboard safety, gang awareness, and drug/alcohol dangers and more. We are hoping to have a police car, a fire truck, and an ambulance to go along with the Safe Communities theme. The Jere Melo Foundation would be a good fit for this event. Please call me for more information if you are interested. Laura Welter, 961-3605. Thank you!

  2. Hi I’m Mary Annann Carbone I just attended the 2012 League of Calif Cities California Convention in San Diego and listened to the presentation on Take Back the Forests and received a card from Madeleine Melo to go to the website to obtain a dvd for educational purposes in our community.You can contact me via e-mail.
    Thank you
    Mary Ann Carbone
    Sand City Vice Mayor
    President Community Human Services

    • jere2226 says:

      Hi Mary Ann,

      Thank you so much for contacting us. I’ve sent you an email with information on how to obtain the dvd. Also, I’d like to offer to do a presentation in your city. Let me know if you are interested in that.


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